Heather Davis is a supporting character in Grand Hotel. She is portrayed by Elizabeth McLaughlin.


The ex-girlfriend of Danny Garibaldi.

Early LifeEdit

Heather was in a relationship with Danny for two years, until he left to go undercover at the Riviera Grand hotel to find his sister, Sky, who disappeared during a hurricane.

Season 1Edit

Heather calls Danny and asks when he’s coming home, and that she misses him. Danny soon finds himself falling for Alicia Mendoza, the daughter of the hotel’s owner, Santiago Mendoza. After days of not hearing from Danny, Heather calls again and tells him she’s frustrated, and believes he’s keeping things from her. Danny ensures her he’s just stressed, but later breaks up with her over the phone.

After weeks of not hearing from Danny, Heather shows up at the hotel to find him. There she confronts Danny about his breakup over the phone, but he tells her things are complicated. Eventually, she finds out Danny’s in a relationship with Alicia.



Gallery of photographic stills used to promote the character.



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