Felicity Flesher is one of the writer production assistants of Grand Hotel.


Felicity Flesher was born in Oxford, Mississippi to two accountants, moving to Minnesota at the age of 17 to attend Carleton College. While at top liberal arts school Carleton, Flesher majored in Cinema & Media Studies and played for the nationally ranked women's tennis team. She was also able to study at Cambridge University in the UK for a semester.

Flesher got her start in the industry as an intern for the Jim Henson Company in film and television development. She has also toiled away in media for the University of Mississippi, Carleton College, and on various independent feature and short films. She later joined 6-time Emmy Award-winner Dan O'Shannon as his assistant after working with him for two seasons on CBS' The Odd Couple starring Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon.

Her first student short film, Expiration Date, about a boy whose life is changed when an expired ramen cup gives him radioactive powers, was honored at the Oxford Film Festival and paved the way for many more including Killer Kudzu, about a Southern town-eating vine, and her undergraduate thesis film, COLT, about the intriguing scandal involving famed gunmaker Samuel Colt and his murderous brother. It Won't Fit in a Killing Jar, a chilling short she wrote and co-directed was named Best of Mississippi at the Delta International Film & Video Festival and has screened in festivals up and down the Mississippi River from Memphis to Minneapolis. A half-hour sitcom spec script she wrote made it to the second round of the Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition, final round of the Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest, final round of the World Series of Screenwriting, final round of the Hollywood Screenplay Contest, and won the WILDsound Screenplay Contest. Study remains a passion as Flesher continues to pen and present peer-reviewed papers, including her published essay on race in 1949 American film.

In 2018, Flesher joined the writing staff of the ABC series, Grand Hotel, as a writers’ production assistant.[1]

Grand Hotel Writing CreditsEdit

A list of episodes written by Felicity (credited as writers’ production assistant).

  1. "Pilot" (1.01)
  2. "Smokeshow" (1.02)
  3. "Curveball" (1.03)
  4. "The Big Sickout" (1.04)
  5. "You've Got Blackmail" (1.05)
  6. "Love Thy Neighbor" (1.06)
  7. "Where the Sun Don't Shine" (1.07)
  8. "Long Night's Journey Into Day" (1.08)
  9. "Groom Service" (1.09)
  10. "Suite Little Lies" (1.10)
  11. "Art of Darkness" (1.11)
  12. "Dear Santiago" (1.12)
  13. "A Perfect Storm" (1.13)

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