Detective Ayala is a minor character in Grand Hotel. She is portrayed by Christina Vidal.

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Groom Service[edit | edit source]

Ayala and her partner are assigned to investigate the balcony collapse at the Finn Hotel. They question Santiago, who denies any involvement. Later, the detectives sit with Helen in the lobby and gather all the personnel files of every employee working the night of the accident. Danny notices they’re the same detectives who dropped the case on finding his sister, Sky, as Ayala’s partner was bribed by Mateo to drop the case. When they all leave the table briefly, Danny steals his file. As he leaves, he bumps into the detectives, who don’t seem to recognise him.

Later, Danny is in the elevator when Ayala gets on. She reveals to Danny that she did recognise him in the lobby earlier, and covered for him when her "idiot partner" said he looked familiar. She also reveals they did have leads in Sky’s case, and that things that didn’t add up until her partner announced the case was closed as they "hit a dead end". When Danny mentions he was bribed, Ayala says she wouldn’t be surprised. Since she wants to bust her partner, and Danny wants to find out what happened to Sky, Ayala suggests they help each other out. She gives Danny her card and exits the elevator.

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